Friday, 20 January 2012

Friday Flashback

My picture this week is of my father when he was 5 yrs old and started school in 1918.  The school was run by the church and was a small flint building that housed two classes.  The younger children were in one class and the older children in the other.  Children left school at aged 12 years then and went to work.   This was the only school in the village.  The village has grown so much now that it supports 3 very large primary schools each accomodating over 500 pupils (aged 5 - 11 years)
 My father is the second child on the left in the front row.  I love the expressions on the children's faces in this picture.  No one has a smile!  Even the teacher look glum.


  1. Oh that is a fabulous picture. I so love it. I have one of my dad too when he was in high-school. I'm gonna have to find that one & show mine off next week. Love yours! He looks like a Peck's bad boy hahaha, but a cutie. Have a great weekend. Following you

  2. Lol Pat, they are so serious bless them. What a great pic
    hugs June

  3. Brilliant photo Pat - does make me smile looking at the faces and they are all looking very serious - maybe they were cold? :)