Saturday, 28 January 2012

Welcome Baby Harry

Harry Owen Weeden made his entry to the world at 2.30 pm on 25th January 2012 weighing 8lbs.  He is our first great grandchild and the first boy in our family for 4 generations.  How blessed are we!!
Welcome to the world baby Harry may you be blessed with a long healthy and happy life.


  1. Congratulations Pat to you and your family. What a very special little boy he will be to your family. Four generations of girls wow! :)

  2. So you're the one hording all the girls! LOL My poor daughter is going crazy with her to little boys 3 & 5. They're always yelling & screaming and getting into things & fighting. Lord am I glad those days are over. Now you & I get to have them over spoil them rotten AND SEND THEM HOME! WOO HOO! But look at this little tiny precious little BB. He's adorable & the first boy in four generations WOW! WOW my butt I meant to say it & I will DAM! How privileged is he! Oh no is he going to be privileged or are all those other girls going to pick on him. Okay gramma time to step in & grandpa too & protect that cutie pie! oooooo I just want kiss those rosy cheeks & tweak that little nose. Oh I know you're so proud. I just love tiny babies. CONGRATS MY NEW FRIEND - CONGRATS TO YOUR WHOLE FAMILY! May little Harry have the happiness of Angels, the intelligence of Aristotle, the gentleness of a baby kitten, and the goodness of a Saint, and the best health there is forever.

  3. Congratulations to you all. How wonderful. A baby boy. AND a GREAT grand-child at that. I wish him a long ,healthy and happy life.